Sustainable Motion Control for Metal Forming and Presses

Moog’s highly reliable servo valves and motion control solutions boost productivity, ensure safety and help keep costs stable.

In today’s tough competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to ensure your servo valves are in top condition. Since Moog invented the servo valve in 1951, we’ve been delivering high-performance solutions for the metal forming industry, from global manufacturing facilities to specialised job shops.


Take our valve survey and tell us more about the valves in your facility, and let us know how we can improve your uptime by giving you a free evaluation and repair plan – either by undertaking an installed base evaluation at your facility or here at Moog’s headquarters in Tewkesbury where we can put your servo valve on to a test rig and measure its performance.

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Authorised Repairs, Proven Performance

Depending on the number of valves in your operation, we can either provide an inspection and evaluation at your facility or invite you to Moog to show you what a valve service looks like in action.

Installed Base Evaluation

The Moog Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) helps you understand how to get the most out of your servo valves with a visit from a Moog-trained engineer to your site. Our engineer will review the Moog products installed on your machinery and identify both immediate and ongoing system issues, providing you with a report that shows you the best way to solve your current and future maintenance challenges.

Service Live

Learn more about our service offering and see how we handle your valves when they’re sent to us for testing with our Service Live facility tour. Come to our facility in Tewkesbury and we’ll give you a tour of our facility, including a visit to our Class 100,000 Clean Room, Assembly and Test areas and actuator stations, followed by lunch and an examination of one of your valves.

High-Performance Valves For Any Situation


Moog is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and selling high-performance hydraulic valve products. With nearly 70 years’ experience producing servo and proportional valves for the industrial market, our products offer the ultimate in reliability and accuracy.


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