In collaboration with SCX Special Projects & Fairfield Controls

Moog's automation products and control expertise is behind the precise movement of the retractable roofs at Wimbledon, UK.

The Technological Challenge

A roof that would operate securely, quietly, speedily, safely and accurately and be completed by 2009 championships and be under the scrutiny of the entire world.




Provide electric motion control for a retractable roof on a building dating

from 1922




Safely move

1,000 tonnes of steel

above 15,000 spectators with the touch of a button, within a tolerance of +/- 12.5 mm over a span of 75 metres




Occupy minimal space,

enabling sunlight & ventilation

to reach the pitch below

Explore the features of the retractable roof

Concertina Retractable Roof

Metal trusses support a translucent industrial fabric.

High Performance Actuation and Control of a Moving Roof

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Trusses are supported by the end arms and set into precise motion by electric actuators which form a structural yet moveable part of the roof.

The ends of each truss are supported by a wheeled carriage or ‘bogie’ which moves along a track positioned on the fixed roof.

Moog – Electric Motion Control in action.

Accuracy of Movement

Moog supplied high performance brushless servo motors, electric actuators, servo drives, servo controllers, and worked with Fairfield Controls to deliver the supervisory and data acquisition (SCADA) System to deliver 150 axis of control.

Service and Support

Global engineering, service and support is provided for the lifetime of the roof, and ensures that during championships, a full range of spares is available within 2 hours.

Technology Flexibility

The use of electric motion control ensures future operational requirements can be met, such as the addition of sun shade mode to remove shadow lines on the pitch.

Team Player

During the build and since the commissioning of the roof, Moog continues to collaborate efficiently with the contractors involved in the project.


Moog engineers continue to support and improve the operational efficiency of the roof ensuring Engineers are in situ for regular testing and during the championships.   

How to Move a Roof

Watch how Moog Electric Motion Control controls the iconic Retractable Roof at Wimbledon

Increased ROI »

Reliability »

High Stadium Status »

Comfort »

Increased Return on Investment

More predictable playtime means stable advertising and TV revenue

Increased ROI »

Reliability »

High Stadium Status »

Comfort »


Proven technology already existing on a high profile roof

Increased ROI »

Reliability »

High Stadium Status »

Comfort »

High Stadium Status

Ensures the Stadium remains a global player due to continued usage.

Increased ROI »

Reliability »

High Stadium Status »

Comfort »

Visitor and Player Comfort

Continued play whilst it is raining or cooling down the stadium when it is hot


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